Quotes from the book:

"By some counts, Garrett should simply enjoy his retirement. He isn’t that old. He has a lot of years and a ton of possibility ahead. But blame has a funny way of keeping you up at night. Regret is a horrific beast that will chew at you from the inside. And demons…. Well, even though Dobson knew better, he took more into his retirement than he realized."

"He took one for the team and to really do that effectively, you have to keep it. You can’t jump on a grenade and then enjoy the same life as those who didn’t. When you choose to be a hero…. It has its consequences. That is what makes them heroes. They do what has to be done in spite of the aftermath. "

The noise jarred Garrett out of thought and direction. He turned to face the door and half expected it to explode inward off the hinges. “Good!”, he thought. “A showdown. Let's get this over with!”. Whatever is wrong in his life, maybe it’s here, knocking, ready to show itself and bring about a proper ending. He jumped straight to the worst case scenario. The bangs were too loud. Things were too odd. This has to be something. This is significant. This is otherworldly. This is the climax. Feet shuffled to the door. His mind was racing. Get to the door and yank it open and confront this abomination. But his body cautiously inched forward.

Garrett thought longer than he ever did at that question. It’s always been polite to just say, “Fine”. And leave it at that. But he didn’t want to. He wanted to talk about tragedies in the line of duty, lonely retirement, killer balloons, ghosts that want breakfast, and an old man that almost knocked down the entire apartment complex… “I’m fine, John. you?”