Has God Left You - Reflecting on the Samson Story

Samson didn't know God had left him and he tried to break free from the shackles. Did Samson know that God had returned when he pushed on the pillars? A brief reflection on the story of Samson and why it's so important that we push.

A modern, devotionally based commentary on the story of Samson.


Spending so much time in conflict, I wrote to my enemy. My thoughts against the great liar, right there, fleshed out on paper. How did he get my attention? Why was he after me? How do I keep falling for the same traps over and over again? So I called him out. No longer was he a shadow or a whisper. It was clear that he was in this for the long haul, and ignoring him wasn't working. Pen to paper, I documented my 'relationship' with him.

A fictional approach to dealing with temptation and how the enemey works within and without.