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Intended to uplift, examine, and ultimately point to the loving grace and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hosted off-site at Wordpress, other bloggers and readers can stumble across and connect with a vast and diverse population of Christians and/or truth seekers.

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Pixabay is essentially a picture sharing hub. Think of the give a penny, take a penny containers. Photographers share their high quality photos and are able to use pictures from others as needed. All pictures are free and can be used both personally and commercially without needing permission or having to cite the author. The pictures I have contributed are linked here. I love to capture moments that point to a greater meaning in life. Happiness, deep thought, creation. Things that when truly considered, could not have happened by accident.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Who are you?

I am a sinner. I don't believe any of my accomplishments, certificates, or diplomas could define me beyond that. I am a man living in a fallen world and I make bad choices, think selfishly, and act defiantly. In spite of that, the grace of God reaches me. I have a Savior! I am an adopted child of the creator of all things. There are two truths I wish everyone knew. 1. The world did not come to be by two pieces of rock slamming together. It was masterfully architected and evidence abounds in every breath, every emotion, and every living plant, animal, and specimen. Once you begin to honestly ponder how such complex and inter-dependent systems came to be, the next question should be, why? 2. We cannot out-sin the grace of God. ANYONE can be forgiven for ANYTHING. We all sin. We all require God's forgiveness. God freely forgives. No one falls outside of that simple formula.

No. The Bible is plain. "Do not judge". Christians often struggle with the call to hold each other accountable. When they see something wrong, they want to fix it. What they often forget is the call to accountability is reserved for other Christians. In other words... people who know better. We are not meant to judge the world. As we all make mistakes, none of us are in a proper place to judge. As your faith in God becomes deeper, the wisdom and experience of other Christians can often feel like judgement. It's more like correction. When done well, it's intention is to help and save. We can't see into our lives as well as others can. We are mostly blinded by bias and self reflection. A mark of maturity is to be able to accept correction and improve ourselves using the wisdom of others. We are like athletes, pointing out techniques and training exercises so that our teammates can improve and we all can win. If I sound judgemental, I'm either attempting to open the eyes and thoughts of fellow believers, or I'm speaking to myself... and I am someone that needs lots of correction.

Well, that wasn't a question, but its an honest observation. Christians are sinners. Christians are people. I could try and offer up an apology and an explanation, but that won't help much. What seems to be most important, is that Christianity isn't so much about the people around you as it is the person you are following. Christians are meant to be like Christ because they follow Christ. Have you ever noticed that you tend to act like the people you hang around? Sometimes even talking like them and picking up their accent? The same works for Christianity. The problem is, not everyone spends the same amount of time with Jesus. Some spend more than others. No one should become a Christian for the Christians. That would be like going to the superbowl just to hang out with the fans and ignore the game. You would be missing a very expensive and rare point of going. Christianity is about following Christ. More importantly, it's a relationship with Him. If you believe Christ died for you and forgives your sin, you are on your way. Everyday is an opportunity for growth and change. Some people claim to be Christians and they aren't. Some claim Christianity and make mistakes. All of us are imperfect. It's a journey, not a one time decision. Christians will continue to call others to a different way of living and then fall short themselves. It's all the more reason they need a Savior, just like everyone else. Yes, God can even forgive the hypocrites.

This question starts off with a misunderstanding of who Christ is and what He has done for us. What I often tell my son when he asks, "do I have to?", is that we don't have to... we get to. When he asks if he has to clean his room, I remind him that cleaning his room is something he wants to do and needs to do, but through choices and laziness and bad attitudes, he forgot that cleanliness and order is the life he would rather have. Hopefully that anaology didn't make you cringe too much. Thankful people live differently. When we truly realize what God did for us, we want to change things up. There is also a significant misunderstanding in the commands of the Bible. They are parental in nature. Think of being told to brush your teeth and to go to bed early. Was that fun when we were kids? No! But as adults, some of us can't get to bed early enough. And after several root canals, I wish my parents had been much stricter with me. We have learned that our parents were looking out for us. God is looking out for us to. When He tells us how to treat others, how to live, and what choices should look like... He isn't rubbing His hands together and cackling like a control freak... He is being a good dad. And, the more we mature in Him, the more we realize how much He loves us and wants to protect us. But I feel like I have to answer a little more bluntly, so I'll sum up. We don't have to change, we get to. But to be thorough, if we don't change, then we likely don't have the relationship with Him that we need to have. The Bible says we die to ourselves. Our old lives end and new, changed lives begin when we accept Jesus through belief, repentance, and baptism. There is change, but it isn't tiresome, begrudging, forceful change. It's good news. It's happy and excited change. We are joyful in our union with God.